AVES Magion / Magion Mobile

Ground Mobile Control

AVES Magion/Magion Mobile is designed for providing flight data as well as for enabling active access for airport staff and handling companies’ co-workers to enter operational data and confirmation of services provided. The application has been developed using advanced, state-of-the-art web technologies and can be accessed from various types of equipment including mobile devices.


  • fully user configurable roles/profiles (vertical/horizontal data partitioning, displaying)
  • automatic (adjustable) data refresh capability
  • unlimited and multiple number of profiles provides user capability of display different data sets for particular purposes (e.g. for ramp or check-in agent)
  • passive (read-only) and active (read-write) access (with appropriate rights granted)

  • secured and authorized access for external users
  • fulfils high security requirements for airport information systems
  • dual cloud (Microsoft Azure) and/or on-premises deployment
  • seamlessly integrated with company IT infrastructure (Windows Active Domain, Azure Active Domain, ADSF, LDAP, OAuth)
  • fully integrated with the AVES Orion