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About the Company

KITE is a Prague-based IT solution and services provider. KITE has developed its AVES – Flight Operations Management System, over the course of more than 20 years, into a comprehensive and reliable solution supporting several airlines in Europe and Asia. AVES ́s first implementation dates from 1992 – the first user, Czech Airlines (CSA), runs the system as the key solution for handling crew and aircraft management, as well as for supportof its administration and communication. AVES covers the complete cycle of airline operations from long term planning through daily operations to post-flight statistics and analyses. The AVES development team is comprised of technical and aviation professionals with extensive airline experience and deep understanding of airline operations.

The AVES team’s solid analytical background is fully utilized to implement powerful and sophisticated optimization techniques in the planning modules. This makes the AVES system an ideal tool for resource planning (including crew management and tail assignment) and disruption solving offering superior efficiency and optimal usage in daily operations. The AVES system design provides client airlines with impeccable control over their daily operations as well as increased resource efficiency bringing significant cost savings.

KITE provides its clients with a range of additional IT services including implementation, consultancy and help desk services. All deliveries are ISO 9001:2015 certified.

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