AVES System

KITE Systems offers implementation services for the AVES system. The AVES system can easily be implemented with standard software installation and the preloading of standard regulations such as EU-OPS and CAP371 or regulations stipulated by certain countries in which the AVES system is already in operation. A typical implementation usually requires a wide range of configuration settings and the integration with various software systems used by the particular airline. KITE Systems also offers implementation services for integration with various systems, such as ERP systems, DWH, MRO, Global distribution systems, etc. The integration is usually based on standard integration platforms and protocols used by the airline industry. Implementation services typically include the following:

  • An implementation study created on the basis of a detailed analysis of customer requirements (this primarily includes the definition of user and technical requirements and a description of the suggested system configuration to be implemented)
  • Implementation of the system into the testing environment, its configuration and approval by the customer
  • User training and practice
  • Data migration to the deployment environment and Go Live
  • Supervision after Go Live onsite or remotely if required by the customer

KITE Systems provides online support from the very begining of the implementation process. In addition to standard maintenance and support services, KITE Systems also offers turnkey support with the terms and conditions tailored to the needs of the particular client.

Post-implementation Services

KITE Systems provides consultancy and customized services for the following airline operational areas: flight operations management, cost and revenue models for planning purposes, crew management, rule system implementation, daily operations and IT integration.

KITE Systems also provides services for data preparation, the evaluation of rule set adjustments through the carrying out of simulations to uncover the consequences of adjustments in resources.

Customized Development

Although the core of the AVES system is the same for all customers, it is possible to build add-on modules or interfaces based on customer requests to extend the system. Add-on development adheres to the standard process of AVES development and typically includes the following:

  • Entry analysis of customer needs and requirements
  • Proposal of a solution concept and its approval by the customer
  • The actual software development itself
  • Software implementation
  • Testing on the side of the customer
  • User training and practice
  • Technical and user documentation
  • Extending technical support for the extension