AVES Orion

Ground Operations Control

AVES Orion is designed for effective operations control of arrivals and departures dispatching for airport ground handling services providers. The application provides intuitive data entry interface and well-arranged data presentation, including workflow status and alerts, covering all needs for control of ground handling operations. Application work spaces as well as views are customizable for different user roles. Every user data element is protected only for authorized access by comprehensive roles/rights control.


  • seamlessly integrated with airport information system and air traffic control based on IATA A-CDM recommendations
  • configurable alerting system aiding dispatcher in-time handling issue solution
  • full customizable graphical signaling of process states
  • automatic processing all types of MVT/LDM/PTM messages
  • facility of sending and receiving MVT/LDM messages by SITA and e-mail
  • user intuitive data control with nearly real time synchronization
  • resource allocation to flight (e.g. ramp agent, car, equipment, etc.)

  • aircraft de-icing control
  • fuel filling control with integrated online web-access for fuel suppliers
  • rich user graphical interface for data displaying and filtering
  • print or export to various format like PDF, Excel etc.
  • comprehensive rights management
  • extension possibility to integrate with other company IT systems
  • “live” data history displaying for configurable time period