Manpower Planning

AVES CMS provides the tools for long-term and mid-term manpower planning. The AVES MPP module is used for long-term crew planning. The main optimization feature of AVES MPP is the modeling of airline business plans, company crew policy and planning rules to predict crew demand as well as for drawing up recruitment plans. AVES MPP can model data for different periods and for different functions and fleets. The AVES MPP model uses the key crew indicators such as flight time, duty time, working time, etc. AVES MPP can model the needs for internal crew demand as well as the utilization of agency and freelance crew members. Mid-term manpower crew planning is based on a given schedule (and pairing if it exists) and not on crew indicator calculation as is the case for long-term manpower planning. The model is based on complete simulation of planning for an entire period; the rostering plan for all virtual crew members can be displayed. The result is not only the number of crew necessary for each month, but various reports concerning the rostering plans can also be created.


Basic Features

Defining models (indicators to use, target crew performance), Input/Import data

  • Fixing values for various types of activities and demand recalculation
  • Reporting of export data
  • Publishing data for use in the crew scheduling phase