AVES Web Access Portal

AVES AWA is a large web-based application providing functionalities in these areas:

  • Basic Data Management – Managing data for Aircraft, Airports and other basicdata for AVES system
  • Crew Flight Documents – Apis, General Declaration, Journey Log etc.
  • Personal Data Management – Managing company personal data and data specific for crew planning system
  • Flight Data – After flight data processing including Flight Log, aircraft statistics etc.
  • Fuel Management – Fuel pricing (plats, differential and other fees), fuel planning and fuel consumption, reporting
  • Reporting – Based on the MS reporting service, the report result can be saved in different formats (PDF, HTML, MS Office file formats). The system provides a large number of reports grouped on following folders:
    • Schedule reports
    • Operational reports
    • Crew reports
    • Statistical reports
    • Fuel reports
    • Exports
  • Administration – User rights, User roles, User profiles, System settings