Operations Control

AVES OPC is the module for controlling daily airline operations: AVES OPC monitors all changes in the flight data as well as other factors that can impact the process of flight execution such as aircraft events, crew, PAX, flight handling, weather reports, etc. All essential information is displayed in the basic screen of AVES OPC.

Depending on the configuration of the installation, AVES OPC can display the following information online:

  • Flight progress and status (including flight schedule time and actual time)
  • MVT messages concerning data including delays, PAX and diversions
  • PTM messages concerning data and alerts concerning possible loss of transit PAX
  • AFTM messages concerning slot data
  • Flight plan data (OFPL, FPL)
  • Data related to the implementation of the Eurocontrol CDM project
  • PAX information
  • Alerts concerning inclement weather conditions at airports with scheduled flight arrivals and departures
  • Crew disruption

Basic Features

  • Intuitive and comprehensive graphical display of flights and flight events
  • Functions for daily operations including the modifying of flight data, cancelling or re-planning flights, entering data for unreceived messages concerning MVT data, delays, diversions, air traffic slots, etc.
  • Message sending (MVT, SCR/ASM, ACARS)
  • Viewing of incoming messages bound to a flight (MVT, PTM, LDM, ATFM, delays, next-info, etc.)
  • Cost and revenue calculation
  • Simulation of changes and evaluation of variousvariants from the AVES CRC viewpoint